Welcome To AJ Webster Opticians

AJ Webster Opticians was formed in 1985 in a building previously used as a hotel situated overlooking the beautiful Cobo Bay. We have an established reputation for quality eyecare, from leading edge examinations to extensive frame and lens selections, and for providing attention to detail in a relaxed environment.

Our special interests include contact lenses especially for children, dyslexia and reading difficulties, macular degeneration, nutrition, sports vision and tear flow problems.

Our stock is sourced from around the world and you will be provided with the best possible care and independent advice from experienced staff. Our policy is to try whenever possible new products ourselves so that we can form our own opinion on their level of usefulness, and can therefore advise you from first hand experience.

Your choice of eyecare, spectacle and contact lens options can be extensive and we are pleased to be of help if you need it.