• Update on multifocal contact lenses

    We are finding increasing success with soft contact lenses which enable vision for near and far, particularly the daily disposable type which can be used all day or just occasionally. Trials of these are free of charge.

  • Driven by vision

    A free 2 day test drive in our Serengeti Eyewear. Compare the optics of Serengeti lenses for boating and driving this summer. We wear the lenses ourselves and have many patients who have only asked for Serengeti sunglasses for years. Their newest advanced technology provides superbly sharp contrast, outstanding spectral control, and significantly reduced fatigue.

  • Solar eclipse

    How to enjoy our partial eclipse   Here are a few top tips to ensure that you may view Friday’s partial eclipse safely without damaging your eyes:   1. Never look directly at the sun or use any instruments like binoculars, telescopes or cameras to view the sun directly. Doing so can permanently damage your

  • Our new Optometrist and extended opening hours

    We welcome Michelle McIndoe to the practice. She has already made a great impact on the services we are now able to offer. She will be providing eye examinations and contact lens advice alongside Angela Webster and as a result we shall be trialling extended opening hours for the next few weeks. We will be

Opening Times

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Monday – 9am-1pm, 2pm-7pm

Wednesday and 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month 9am-1pm.