If diabetic you are recommended to have screening of your retinas at least yearly to determine if you show early signs of retinopathy which are due to changes in the blood vessels at the back of the eye.

Keeping your blood sugars controlled reduces the risk of this by 60%, and lowering cholesterol and blood pressure can further help. If vessel changes are found you will be offered referral for preventative treatment, usually involving a laser, which should protect your vision. The sooner that this is undertaken the better the outcome, so it important that you attend for regular review.

During this appointment your pupils will be dilated with drops and it may be two hours before your vision will clear to enable you to drive.

We need to provide a full eye examination initially and every two years but if you are at low risk and seeing well, a shortened examination (with dilation) can be undertaken in the intervening years. If you pay Guernsey Insurance contributions you are able to claim a voucher for your diabetic eyecare from your doctor every other year.
Please ask for an eye examination including diabetic screening when you make the appointment.