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Our stock is sourced from around the world and you will be provided with the best possible care and independent advice from experienced staff.

  • Book Your Eye Examination

    Your eye examination will be tailored for you – your lifestyle, health, family history and symptoms.

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  • MiSight myopia control

    Further to last summer’s screening programme aimed at reducing the risks of developing short-sightedness we have now introduced the fitting of MiSight contact lenses. These daily disposable soft lenses have been designed to limit the eventual level of myopia in children between the ages of seven and eighteen, more successfully with early intervention. The summer

  • Glaucoma again

    One year on and the software installed to predict visual loss due to the many forms of glaucoma has become invaluable. And 10 years since acquiring OCT! We are grateful for the library of information which is now stored. If you have a family history of glaucoma please come so that we can get some


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  • Eye Examination

    trial-lensesYour eye examination will be tailored for you – your lifestyle, health, family history and symptoms.

  • Reading Difficulties

    Young-girlSome signs to look for if you or your child are experiencing problems when readingEye rubbing, Excessive blinking, Poor concentration and Difficulty in keeping place

  • Diabetes

    If diabetic you are recommended to have screening of your retinas at least yearly to determine if you show early signs of retinopathy which are due to changes in the blood vessels at the back of the eye.

  • Macular Degeneration

    This is a condition which typically but not exclusively affects those over 70 years of age, and risk factors include smoking, a history of exposure to sunlight, high blood pressure or cholesterol levels, poor diet, or a family history of the disease.

  • Dispensing

    We take pride in providing our patients with both mainstream and unusual spectacles and sunglasses. Our stock includes over a thousand different frames and includes all designer ranges, high technology materials and models for special fittings.

  • Children

    baby-eyeIn Guernsey the Board of Health supply a screening service for newborns and preschool children at the hospital which is free to use and integrates with other paediatric providers.

  • Presbyopia


    bookAs you go through your forties you will notice a change in how you cope with near tasks. If you are short-sighted (myopic) you will be wishing increasingly to remove your glasses for reading.

  • Working Environment

    bgremovedThe most common problem area we are asked about here is computer use, and it important for your screen to be placed appropriately and for your posture to be optimised.

  • Flashes & Floaters

    Seeing flashes and floaters is very common, especially if you are over the age of 40 years. However their appearance should not ignored, particularly if this follows a recent blow to the head or to the eye, some ocular surgery, and if you are very short-sighted.

  • Glaucoma

    glaucomaIf you have a family history of glaucoma and are over 40 years of age it is important that you have a yearly examination.

  • Lifestyle & Diet

    It is known these days that regular exercise and a good diet may benefit every aspect of your health, and therefore affect your vision also. There are several fundamental areas in which poor nutrition has a measurable effect.

  • Tear Problems

    Fotolia_6964245_L-1024x837Today’s more challenging environments and visual tasks may cause your eyes to water too little or too much.
    Particular problem areas include travelling by car or by plane, reading, computer use, and air currents.

  • Contact Lenses

    Fotolia_52553595_XL-682x1024Many of our patients are surprised when we recommend contact lenses to them because they assume that they are not suitable wearers, or perhaps because they are unaware of the practical benefits that lenses can offer.

  • MPD

    Zeiss-camera-992x1024Macular Pigment Density is measured here with the Zeiss Visucam, and relates to how well your fovea is protected from blue light.

  • Refractive Surgery

    We are pleased to discuss with our patients the advisability of refractive surgery as it becomes a safer and more attractive proposition for many.

  • OCT

    Zeiss-OCT-722x1024We are privileged to have had Optical Coherence Tomography in the practice for five years now and are using our third instrument of this type, the Zeiss HD.